Intel Data Center and AI Webinar Liveblog: Roadmap, New Chips, and Demos

Intel will hold a webinar today, March 28, at 8:30 am PDT to provide an update on the company’s Data Center and AI roadmaps and businesses. Given Intel’s recent teasers on Twitter, we expect new product announcements and perhaps demos with head-to-head benchmarks against AMD’s silicon.

UPDATE: We have our complete written coverage now available here: Intel Roadmap Update Includes 144-Core Sierra Forest, Clearwater Forest in 2025. You can also see the full live blog below.

We already know the broad strokes of Intel’s existing plan. The company is attempting to execute a daunting roadmap that includes five new process nodes in a mere four years — an unprecedented and audacious goal designed to bring it back to the leadership position in the data center.

Intel will pair its new process tech with a re-thinking of its Xeon roadmap that includes the new efficiency-focused Sierra Forest chips and high-performance Granite Rapids models. The Sierra Forrest chips debut the company’s Efficiency cores (E-cores) in its Xeon data center. These are designed to address Arm contenders, not to mention AMD’s coming 128-core 5nm EPYC Bergamo processors that take a similar approach. Intel also has its Xeon Emerald Rapids and Granite Rapids chips with standard Performance cores (P-cores), and we expect to learn more details about these chips, too.

Intel’s goals are far-reaching, but the company has definitely had plenty of challenges as the Sapphire Rapids Fourth-Gen Xeon CPUs and Ponte Vecchio Max GPUs worked their way to market, with several missteps leading to extended delays. However, the company says it has solved the underlying issues in its process node tech and revamped its chip design methodology to prevent further delays to its next-gen products.

Today the company will reveal if the Xeon roadmap remains intact, and perhaps outline some new goals, too. Intel’s Sandra Rivera, the executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center and AI group (DCAI), will host the event. We also expect to see Lisa Spelman, the corporate vice president and general manager of Xeon products.